Monday, November 15, 2010

The 2 Rs of Making Money

Retention and Referrals help you build a client base and make more money.

Retention: Be nice to your clients and they'll come back. Yes, it's that simple. A smile, eye contact or saying "hello" makes a customer feel welcome. Take interest in your client's style by teaching styling tips and helping them choose products. And a "Thanks for coming in. I love doing your hair, " goes a long way.

Referrals: Asking a client to refer you to a friend can feel awkward, but it doesn't need to. Your regular clients should be happy to refer people to you. Just remember, don't ask a first-time client for a referral, you're still developing your stylist/client relationship and they may feel imposed upon. Wait until the third visit to ask a newer client for a referral.

Try the two Rs of building a client base in the next two months and keep track of your progress.

Good luck!

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