Monday, May 30, 2011

Reflections on Memorial Day

It's amazing what and how important Memorial Day is to all of us. To realize the millions who have, and continue to give their life for their Nation. This day gives us time to reflect and pay tribute, show gratitude as they gave themselves for us. In memory of Bobby Nelson my uncle who died as a prisoner of war, along with all other lost souls.
Thanks, and good luck.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Few Words About Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turned 70 yesterday. He is a music icon, an artist, an amazing
songwriter and he has never stopped challenging himself and creating. He
still plays roughly 100 shows a year on what has been called “The Never
Ending Tour” which he began in the summer of 1988. Dylan has immeasurable
talents and continues to put them to use.  Age has not limited his
aspirations and there is something to admire in that.

My youngest son is named Dylan, my wife Beverly named him after the poet
Dylan Thomas. I have always said I named him after Bob Dylan.

Be sure to listen to some of his music if you haven’t already - a few of my
favorites are below.

    - Like A Rolling Stone
    - All Along The Watchtower
    - Joey
    - He Was A Friend Of Mine

If you have never listened to him before, go ahead and pick up the album

Thanks, and good luck.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check out this video!

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Thanks, and good luck.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Update From England

I thought I might share an audio update of my experience while riding back from Manchester. I will be showing the collection of photos when the project is completed.

Thanks, and good luck.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

London Style

Saturday afternoon I went to the Vidal Sassoon Barber Shop on Brook Street in London. Stuart, who’s been with Sassoon for 35 years, gave me a great haircut. It was around 4 pm and there were three stylists working and each had one client after another. As I was watching what was going on in the shop, I noticed that there’s a resurgence of men caring about their hair. A lot of younger guys have short-cropped hair with a little length on the top—a classic men’s cut. I’m trying to grow my hair out a bit, so I asked Stuart what trends he has been seeing. He said that older guys (50+) are moving away from the short crop and keeping their hair a bit longer. Just a note: Sassoon techniques are a great foundation for your work. If you get a chance, check into taking a class at Sassoon Academy,

On the street, I’ve seen some really cool cuts, and a lot of guys with hair color. What I’ve noticed with women’s hair is that they’re letting curls happen naturally. The trend here is moving away from very straight or smooth styles—we’re just starting to see this trend happen in the United States. Europe fashion is a strong indicator of what’s coming to the States. I predict that we’ll be seeing more texture and curls as this trend jumps the pond.

When it comes to fashion, the English (and Europeans in general) have a bit more formality. Their style is more deliberate than it is in the States. Casual doesn’t mean a pair of jeans and a T-shirt necessarily; it’s usually paired with a scarf, a belt or interesting shoes for a more intentionally styled look. Summer came early to London—it’s been warm for the past three or four weeks—so we’re hints of summer fashion. Colors are vivid, with a lot of pink, and texture is big—linen for clothes, suede and canvas for shoes. Check out the links below to see for yourself what’s happening in Europe.

British Vogue -
British Elle -

Thanks and Good Luck!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Joshua Galvin 1937-2011

Although attending the funeral of my personal friend, Joshua Galvin, was a
very sad event, it was also amazing. I realized just how special and loved
Joshua is. From the village he lived in to the industry he worked in, there
were people there to represent him from every aspect of his life. Anyone
who came into contact with him had the same appreciation for him as I.

It had been many years since I had seen the family, his children Maria and
Joshua, his brother Danny and his wonderful wife Rita. Danny is a fantastic
colorist with an incredibly successful business and this obviously comes as
a huge loss for him, as they were so close as brothers.

Joshua and I presented in London on the first Regis Presidents Awards trip
in 1974. In the following year we had our first Supervisors' trip and
Joshua came over to the states to do the presentation in Biloxi,
Mississippi. It was Joshua who delivered a message to Regis that got them
to look at who they were and who they could be.  After that message, Regis
changed as a company. Then in 1977 I came to the United States to work with
Regis and have been here ever since.

He has won so many awards and accolades that there are too many to mention.
He had an amazing life and is incredibly influential in the hairdressing
industry. His family has a lot to be proud of and so does Joshua.  It was a
privilege to be able to attend his funeral. The fact that there were so
many people there to share with his family in their loss was a real tribute
to him.

He was a friend of mine.

Joshua Galvin.
1937 - 2011


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 2011 Royal Wedding


For something as significant as a Royal Wedding, you would think the hair would look spectacular.  However, for this wedding, the hair seems to disappear - and instead, hats were a huge statement. The one thing I did notice is a lot of women with long hair and a lot of guys with short deliberate styles. The Beckham's are a good example; Victoria had very straight one length hair and David had a very deliberate haircut.


David and Victoria Beckham (Photo - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)
It is almost inescapable at this point that men are much more into a designed look whether it is long or short, and many women have the appearance of unkempt longer hair. In fact, I believe there are millions of women who have not been to the salon in a long time and if you were to ask them what they were to do with their hair they would say - “I don’t know what to do with it. I’m kind of growing it out.”  They are not meant to know what to do with it, we are. What they need to do is schedule a consultation.

Going back to the wedding, I thought that it was spectacular. I believe it was the number one event so far in the 21st century. From the one thousand year old abbey to the horse drawn carriages, the pageantry was one of the kind, only the Brits could do it. It was a perfect day.

Click the link below for more great photos from the Royal Wedding.

NY Times Photos of the Royal Wedding