Monday, December 13, 2010

Home at Last

Well, I made it home from the hospital two days ago and am feeling much better. After that experience I have realized more than ever how important good service is to a person. After being there for a week it became more and more apparent to me that people want to feel welcomed and cared for, including me. And at the hospital, I felt that. Even though I was in the worst pain, the people there made it bearable. Because of these amazing people, and the level of service they provided to me at all times, an experience that was certain to be awful, turned out to be great.

This made me think about our industry. If great service made my bad situation good, think what great service can for our salons? Do we provide that level of service to all of our clients? If we do, we're sure to be successful. Success doesn't solely rely on our location, or the materials we have in our salon - success depends on providing that one of a kind service to all our clients, at every visit.

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  1. Gordon; I'm glad you are feeling better and are able to be at home finally. I know you missed out on some of your favorite things to do, but we need you a 100% to keep on inspiring us! :) We all love to hear you laugh and tell your jokes. Keep Well
    Kerri Robinson
    (SmartStyle KCMO Area)