Monday, November 7, 2011

Supervisors' Meeting Hairshow

Take the opprotunity to see the full DVD when it arrives in your salon.  As I have always said, when you are in the salon, you are on stage - it is your theater.  Your audience is your clients and your associates. 

In the below video, Micheal O'Rourke, Nick Arrojo and I were on stage- and our audience was our Regioanl Managers, Supervisors, Artistic Directors and our models. 

Give it all you've got, every day!  Thanks and good luck!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

President's Award Trip

I was recently in Hong Kong with our President Award winning managers and had a great time.  I would like to again congratulate the winning managers.  Keep up the great work.

While in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to work with Nick and Lina Arrojo on stage.  The attached video is a quick look at our presentation.  The full show will be in your salons soon.  


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NY Hairbook Shoot - Spring Edition

Take a look at the video from the most recent Hairbook shoot in New York.  This was a fun shoot to be at, and the magazines will be in Regis salons this Spring.

I hope you enjoy and learn from this video!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UK Supercuts Photo Shoot

Check out the video from Supercuts photo shoot in London.  I had a great time at the shoot with Guy, Angela and the rest of the team.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preview of an Upcoming DVD!

Check out these celebrity inspired looks from a recent DVD shoot with artistic directors Mary Gail Hall and Lisa Sanders. Watch clips of how they demonstrate a variety of techniques including razor cutting, Color Casting, U-Lights, Tri-lights, and more stylings and finishing techniques.
What are some celebrity styles being requested in your salon?
The DVD will be in salons in early October - be sure to keep an eye out for it. Practice the techniques demonstrated in the videos. Remember there is always more to learn; never stop educating yourself.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The New Cropped Cut

The New Cropped Cut DVD should have arrived in your salons within the last couple of weeks.  Have you seen it?  Have you done it? When did you last change your look? Keeping up with fashion means wearing it.

- Gordon



Friday, July 22, 2011

One of a Kind

Paul Finkelstein has been the CEO and President of Regis Corporation for the last 25 years.  During that period of time, his vision transformed Regis into the largest beauty company in the world. 

Obviously, the real work is done in the salons every day with our stylists and customers.  And, it is you, the stylists that made this success happen.  But it was Paul’s vision that gave us the opportunity to become the company we are today. 

Yesterday evening, Paul was recognized by Minnesota Business Hall of Fame as an outstanding member of the business community and was awarded this very prestigious honor.  Paul’s wife, Jean, his sons, brothers, and friends were lucky enough to witness Paul receiving his lifetime achievement award.   

To me, on a personal level, having worked with Paul for almost 25 years, I have always been aware of his vision – his vision not only for a successful company, but for the success of those who are the company, our stylists.  It is with nothing but pride and respect, that I acknowledge the career path opportunities he has provided our associates - whether on the creative or management side.

Paul, more than anyone, legitimized the beauty industry as a world class business - which is apparent by the fact that we are on the New York Stock Exchange.  It was interesting to note that during his acceptance speech, he never mentioned “I” or “Me.”  Throughout his speech, he gave kudos to everyone within the Regis family, but himself.  Last night Paul received that award for all of us!

A shrinking violet, he is not.  However, there is a side to Paul that comes through in moments like this that demonstrate humility and appreciation for the wonderful career he has shared with us at Regis. 

Last night was the first time I have really ever seen him take his "moment in the spotlight."  This moment for Paul was more than well deserved.  Although Paul's role within the company is changing, the good news is he still will continue to be Chairman of Regis into the foreseeable future. 

In just a couple of generations, Paul's family has realized the American dream.  His grandfather arrived as a Russian immigrant, bringing nothing with him but grit, determination, a dream, and caring first and foremost about his family.  Paul is the culmination of effort by those who went before him.  Paul’s career demonstrates to us all that if you have the will, the drive and the dream, America is the place to be!

Congratulations to you all, and especially to Paul.  Please join me in celebrating his moment in the spotlight.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

The best move I ever made was coming to America in 1977, I am an American citizen and celebrate July 4th and all it stands for. Happy Birthday United States of America. Be proud of your heritage.

Thanks, and good luck.

Men's Cut From The Hair Book Shoot

Check out this video previewing the men's cut from our recent shoot for The Hair Book.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hair Book in NYC

Working on The Hair Book and shooting it in New York. There is nothing cooler.

Check it out.


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Subtlety of Great Hair

I have been in Europe for the past week and while here, I have noticed that subtlety equals sensuality when it comes to hair color and cuts. With a few exceptions, when the hair color is overpowering it distracts from the person themselves.

When I see stark color change or dramatic color, most of the time it's not flattering. You should stay within a range of your natural color. If you are a dark blonde it is okay to do light blonde highlights.  If you are medium brown, do gold highlights etc. They are complimentary tones, they accent your own natural color and they add vitality to your overall look. You wouldn't do red highlights on a blonde; therefore, don't do blonde on a redhead. The same goes for blonde highlights on a brunette.

There is a reason why clients ask for consultations - they are seeking your professional advice. The client may have an idea of what they are looking for, but they don't really know what will look best on them.  It is our role to give our clients direction (i.e. "Here is the shade that would suit you best.")

What I notice on the street is that what stands out are the mistakes. When you see beautiful hair you don't think of it as beautiful hair because of the color or cut".  You just notice it as beautiful because it is done right. It is complimentary to the person. Bad hair color, bad hair cuts, they stand out - they are not complimentary of the person and their personality, which looks unnatural in their appearance.

The objective is to accentuate the natural beauty of the person and not to over power it with color or sculpting haircuts that are not complimentary.

When you give a consultation you are giving advice. It's not just listening and doing - it is discussing with the client what the options are. That is the definition of professionalism.

Thanks, and good luck.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Reflections on Memorial Day

It's amazing what and how important Memorial Day is to all of us. To realize the millions who have, and continue to give their life for their Nation. This day gives us time to reflect and pay tribute, show gratitude as they gave themselves for us. In memory of Bobby Nelson my uncle who died as a prisoner of war, along with all other lost souls.
Thanks, and good luck.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Few Words About Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turned 70 yesterday. He is a music icon, an artist, an amazing
songwriter and he has never stopped challenging himself and creating. He
still plays roughly 100 shows a year on what has been called “The Never
Ending Tour” which he began in the summer of 1988. Dylan has immeasurable
talents and continues to put them to use.  Age has not limited his
aspirations and there is something to admire in that.

My youngest son is named Dylan, my wife Beverly named him after the poet
Dylan Thomas. I have always said I named him after Bob Dylan.

Be sure to listen to some of his music if you haven’t already - a few of my
favorites are below.

    - Like A Rolling Stone
    - All Along The Watchtower
    - Joey
    - He Was A Friend Of Mine

If you have never listened to him before, go ahead and pick up the album

Thanks, and good luck.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check out this video!

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Thanks, and good luck.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Update From England

I thought I might share an audio update of my experience while riding back from Manchester. I will be showing the collection of photos when the project is completed.

Thanks, and good luck.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

London Style

Saturday afternoon I went to the Vidal Sassoon Barber Shop on Brook Street in London. Stuart, who’s been with Sassoon for 35 years, gave me a great haircut. It was around 4 pm and there were three stylists working and each had one client after another. As I was watching what was going on in the shop, I noticed that there’s a resurgence of men caring about their hair. A lot of younger guys have short-cropped hair with a little length on the top—a classic men’s cut. I’m trying to grow my hair out a bit, so I asked Stuart what trends he has been seeing. He said that older guys (50+) are moving away from the short crop and keeping their hair a bit longer. Just a note: Sassoon techniques are a great foundation for your work. If you get a chance, check into taking a class at Sassoon Academy,

On the street, I’ve seen some really cool cuts, and a lot of guys with hair color. What I’ve noticed with women’s hair is that they’re letting curls happen naturally. The trend here is moving away from very straight or smooth styles—we’re just starting to see this trend happen in the United States. Europe fashion is a strong indicator of what’s coming to the States. I predict that we’ll be seeing more texture and curls as this trend jumps the pond.

When it comes to fashion, the English (and Europeans in general) have a bit more formality. Their style is more deliberate than it is in the States. Casual doesn’t mean a pair of jeans and a T-shirt necessarily; it’s usually paired with a scarf, a belt or interesting shoes for a more intentionally styled look. Summer came early to London—it’s been warm for the past three or four weeks—so we’re hints of summer fashion. Colors are vivid, with a lot of pink, and texture is big—linen for clothes, suede and canvas for shoes. Check out the links below to see for yourself what’s happening in Europe.

British Vogue -
British Elle -

Thanks and Good Luck!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Joshua Galvin 1937-2011

Although attending the funeral of my personal friend, Joshua Galvin, was a
very sad event, it was also amazing. I realized just how special and loved
Joshua is. From the village he lived in to the industry he worked in, there
were people there to represent him from every aspect of his life. Anyone
who came into contact with him had the same appreciation for him as I.

It had been many years since I had seen the family, his children Maria and
Joshua, his brother Danny and his wonderful wife Rita. Danny is a fantastic
colorist with an incredibly successful business and this obviously comes as
a huge loss for him, as they were so close as brothers.

Joshua and I presented in London on the first Regis Presidents Awards trip
in 1974. In the following year we had our first Supervisors' trip and
Joshua came over to the states to do the presentation in Biloxi,
Mississippi. It was Joshua who delivered a message to Regis that got them
to look at who they were and who they could be.  After that message, Regis
changed as a company. Then in 1977 I came to the United States to work with
Regis and have been here ever since.

He has won so many awards and accolades that there are too many to mention.
He had an amazing life and is incredibly influential in the hairdressing
industry. His family has a lot to be proud of and so does Joshua.  It was a
privilege to be able to attend his funeral. The fact that there were so
many people there to share with his family in their loss was a real tribute
to him.

He was a friend of mine.

Joshua Galvin.
1937 - 2011


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 2011 Royal Wedding


For something as significant as a Royal Wedding, you would think the hair would look spectacular.  However, for this wedding, the hair seems to disappear - and instead, hats were a huge statement. The one thing I did notice is a lot of women with long hair and a lot of guys with short deliberate styles. The Beckham's are a good example; Victoria had very straight one length hair and David had a very deliberate haircut.


David and Victoria Beckham (Photo - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)
It is almost inescapable at this point that men are much more into a designed look whether it is long or short, and many women have the appearance of unkempt longer hair. In fact, I believe there are millions of women who have not been to the salon in a long time and if you were to ask them what they were to do with their hair they would say - “I don’t know what to do with it. I’m kind of growing it out.”  They are not meant to know what to do with it, we are. What they need to do is schedule a consultation.

Going back to the wedding, I thought that it was spectacular. I believe it was the number one event so far in the 21st century. From the one thousand year old abbey to the horse drawn carriages, the pageantry was one of the kind, only the Brits could do it. It was a perfect day.

Click the link below for more great photos from the Royal Wedding.

NY Times Photos of the Royal Wedding

Friday, April 29, 2011

Looking back at last week's presentation in Minneapolis

I had a great time in Minneapolis - around 100 managers, stylists, and supervisors were in attendance. It was a chance to share my experience in the industry, my history with other great stylists and talk about how you, as stylists are surrounded by great opportunity. Our present and our future are our individual responsibilities. We can get guidance from others but they can’t do it for us - we have to do it for ourselves.

I'm at the San Francisco airport on my way back to Minneapolis. I just did an event for the Supercuts managers in the San Francisco bay area. This presentation addressed similar topics I brought up in Minneapolis regarding your personal success along with your business success. You must attain a level of personal success if you want to reach a higher level of business success.

One huge “aha” moment for me that has come out of these presentations is that we as stylists do not ask our customers to refer a friend to us. I beseech everyone of you to ask regular clients to refer a friend. You are your own best form of advertising and performance - nothing can equal you. Eye contact and the willingness to ask is what you need. It is as simple as saying “Dylan, I love cutting your hair, you're a great client. If you have any friends you can think of who you could recommend me to, I'd really appreciate it."

Thanks, and good luck.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Redken Guest Artist DVD with Sam Villa

Sam has been a guest on the DVD program before, he is very well known within the industry and highly respected. Our whole guest artist program exists to bring well-known national and international guests to our salons. Having such a strong guest list gives us a creative advantage over our competition—provided we really use it.

Check out this preview of Sam Villa’s upcoming DVD, “The Tailored Fringe.” Melissa Johnson did an excellent job with the hair color to complement the cut Sam created. Sam is a great, innovative teacher, and brings a lot of different ideas into his work. As a stylist, you take what you want from this DVD and you make it fit into your technique.

Sam, from everyone at Regis, congratulations on your 2011 Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Award! You have earned it!

Make sure that when you get the DVD, you invest the time in yourself and walk away knowing more than when you started watching.

Thanks, and good luck.


Friday, April 22, 2011

DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance gets Rave Reviews

The Ultimate Radiance trio launched just two months ago and it's fast becoming a favorite of both clients and stylists. We've heard great things about all three, and the Leave-In Conditioning Styler is the #1 sku in the DESIGNLINE collection. You're doing a fantastic job getting the word out about this amazing line, make sure your clients know they work best as a regime and recommend all three.

Ultimate Radiance is featured on the Beauty in Real Life blog.

Now you can find information on all DESIGNLINE products in one place. Check out the new DESIGNLINE Facebook page for product knowledge, tips and product photos. It's a great tool you can use to educate your clients. "Like" DESIGNLINE on Facebook.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Masters of Beauty Show with Nick Arrojo

I met Nick Arrojo twenty years ago in London at the Wella studio and we
have both, at different times, gone through the Vidal Sassoon training. We
came out of a very similar world.

The reality tv show ‘What Not to Wear’ allowed Nick a unique opportunity to
work with real people, not professional models. The show presented Nick a
great way for him to market himself to the actual customer base as well as
to the hairdressing industry. What he was doing on television is what real
stylists do everyday - this makes it easy for both customers and stylists
to connect with his work and promotes and demonstrates strong communication
skills between the stylist and their client. It is an insightful strategy.
With the help of this show, Nick has become a household name and a
celebrity stylist - but not a stylist of celebrities. That is the

I joined Nick last weekend for the Masters of Beauty Event in Minneapolis.
We have worked together a number of times but it was great to be the guest
at this event and to be part of his environment.  Many students and
stylists from the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul area attended and it was
really fun to work with such a broad range of people.

It was great working with Nick but it was equally as important to get the
opportunity to be around his team. Anything that brings education to our
industry is a plus and whenever you have an opportunity to invest your time
and your money in self improvement, its worth it. Developing your skill set
benefits your career.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Destination Inspiration Video

We had great time in L.A. for Destination Inspiration. The group of winners was fantastic. The weather was perfect and the dinners were great. Michael and I had a blast doing the show. Events like this and spending time with everyone are the highlights of my job. Thank you!
Check out this quick clip of the hair show.

Can't view this video? Click here L.A. Hair Show.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Masters of Beauty in Minneapolis

Nick Arrojo Masters of Beauty Tour

It's going to be a busy weekend; Nick Arrojo and the Masters of Beauty tour are in Minneapolis. I'm excited to be Nick's special guest on this stop of the tour. I love teaching and it will be good to work with Nick again. The two days of classes include technique demonstrations and hands-on workshops. If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. It's a great opportunity to learn and get inspired. I hope to see some of you there. 

Empire Schools and Masters of Beauty are offering Regis corporate salon stylists a discount of up to 60% off the Masters of Beauty tour with Nick Arrojo and skill certification classes.

For more information, visit

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oscar winner Luke Matheny thanks Supercuts

Remember Luke Matheny, the Oscar winner I mentioned in my March 8 post? He won the Academy Award, lamented not getting a haircut, but mentioned Supercuts and his stylist in the press. As a "thank you" for the mention, Regis Corp. sent him a product gift basket. He got it and posted a photo to his Facebook page.
Check it out.
Luke Matheny thanks Supercuts.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Destination Inspiration - Los Angeles

I'm here in L.A. doing a show with Michael O'Rourke for Destination Inspiration. More than 220 of our stylists are here for two days of training and education. We're having an amazing time. I'll post updates and photos next week.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Early Years

Back in my early 20s, I worked on set of the British film, Hamlet. A good friend of mine, Celestino Coronado, was the director of the film and asked me to do the hair.

Looking back, I realize how much fun I had on set and what a unique experience that was for me. I'm checking to see if I can get a copy of the film as it would be neat to see some of the work that I did 30-plus years ago! If I can get a hold if it, I'll post some images of the work.

Take a look at this image from the film. Recognize her? It's Helen Mirren from over 30 years ago! She was Ophelia and it was great to work with her. At the time, she was working her way up in her career - look at her now!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Supercuts DVD Shoot in Minneapolis

Melanie Ash, Supercuts Senior Artistic Director, and Bryan Field, Supercuts Artistic Director, were recently here in Minneapolis filming a new DVD for the Supercuts division.  Check out the sneak peek of the pixie cut, the new shag and a couple men's cuts.  Look for this in your Supercuts salon later this spring! 

Can't view the video?  Click here

If you ever have any suggestions for new DVDs, pass them along!  We would love to hear from you on what you would like to see more of. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Shoot - New York City

I'm in New York City with Artistic Directors Renee Herskovitz and Gabby Macal at the The Hair Book photo shoot. We're working on the summer issue, so we're focusing on fresh color.  I really love the hands-on experience of photo shoots. And of course working with our talented artistic directors is always incredible. I share my vision of the trends and techniques with them and I always learn from them in return.

Here are a few photos from our first day. I'll keep you up on what progressed.

If you're not familiar with The Hair Book, it's a custom publication featuring hair, style and fashion available in Regis Salons. Check out the website; many of our stylists and artistic directors contribute.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Recently, I did a makeover haircut on Jamie Mansperger, a Regis home office employee. Jamie's hair was in good condition, but she needed an updated style. I brought the length up a bit, cut layers to bring her style to life, then added bangs to frame her face. The length change wasn't dramatic, but the overall results were.

When I asked Jamie why she wore her hair long and all one length, she replied, "Because I don't know what to do with it." I think this feeling is true for a lot of our clients. But you know what, clients aren't supposed to know what to do with their hair, we are.

As professionals, we know what a great cut and color can do for a client. Share your knowledge and make someone's day by giving them a style that really brings out their best. Another thing Jamie said was that she thought she couldn't afford to color her hair, now she says she can't afford not to. Educate your clients on the value of a complete look.

Here's a trick I learned from Horst: Carry your business card with you and when you see someone who needs a new style, hand them your business card and say, "I have a great idea for your hair. Come into the salon for a free consultation and I'll tell you about it." Try it, it works! No one can resist that temptation.

Good luck!

Jamie before
Jamie after

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Search for Next ‘Master of Beauty’

Empire Education Group and Nick Arrojo have teamed up to create the award winning Masters of Beauty program, which I have previously blogged about.  I strongly encourage you to attend if they are in your area!  And, Regis Corp employees get a discounted rate – so check it out.

When I was in New York for the IBS show, they announced a new contest for stylists who aspire to become platform artists - Click here to see the press release to read all about it.

I know Nick on a personal and professional level, and he is a top notch guy. His skills are incredible and it would be quite an experience to present on stage with him. So, check it out and submit your work! This is a great chance to expand your horizons and challenge yourself.

How great would it be if one of you wins the grand prize?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I mentioned earlier that I was in NY and how successful that event was. Due to the success of these meetings, and the responses I received from stylists, I decided to start doing field seminars more often. This past Thursday I was in Chicago and met with approximately 80 stylists, managers and area supervisors from all of our divisions. We had a great turn out, and had a great time.

During this meeting, I focused on personal development and things we can think about in terms of being successful (personally and professionally). Did you know that in order to change a behavior, it takes 90 days of “practice” before it becomes second nature? If you decide to do something differently (whether in your personal life or professional life), in order for it to become natural to you, you have to do it for 90 days. Once you get over that 90 day hurdle, it is part of your DNA.

Lets all take the 90 day challenge – choose one thing that you would like to work on (wearing a seat belt every day, asking every existing client to refer friends, wiping the station and chair prior to every client) and see if it becomes second nature after the 90-day mark. Let me know if it worked for you!

Here is a quick video from the meeting.

Can't view the video?  Click here

Thanks again everyone who attended!  I really appreciate you taking the time to come to the meeting - and hope it was well worth it.

 Thanks to the Mastercuts stylists and managers for sending in their photo from the meeting! 
Christine Roversi, Perla Aguirre, Mary Beever, Kim Trimble, Rebecca Neuwirth, Amanda Rogers, Lauren Burger, Crystal Morrison, Katie Theiss, Paula Locke

Monday, March 14, 2011

Meeting New People

Last week was quite an exceptional week for me; filled with meetings and talking to stylists. It all started with the Gold Circle event in New York. We had over 100 Supercuts stylists who attended and I congratulate them all on winning this trip. During my meeting with them, I talked about personal growth, realizing one's own opportunities, and how to become successful on a personal as well as a professional level. It was a very inspiring event for me, and hope that it was for the Supercuts winners.

The following day, I went to the IBS (International Beauty Show) that was held in NY. What I noticed from each of the presenters is that we really do work in a very diverse industry. There are so many different approaches and techniques available to us. And the main reason to attend an event like this is to think about it in the context of what you do. You'll be enticed by certain things. Learn what others are doing well, and let that influence your own concepts. Always be looking for new opportunities to improve.

Check out the following video from Nick Arrojo’s show at IBS. He displayed very current trends and I love watching him work.

* Video courtesy of Randy Taylor and Hairbrained

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hot New Look

Kate Winslet debuted her new short cut on the cover of this month's British Vogue. It's a really cool new look we've been seeing lately. Kate looks great, as did Michelle Williams with her short cut at the Academy Awards. Even Chanel is using a model with a similar style. This pale blonde crop makes a statement. The fringe frames the face to bring out the eyes and accentuate cheekbones and facial structure. You probably have clients who would look great in this cut. Suggest it. It's a very cool, modern look - perfect for spring and summer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"I should've gotten a haircut."

"I should've gotten a haircut." That's the first thing Luke Matheny said when he accepted the Academy Award for "Best Live Action Short Film" for his film "God of Love." The next morning, everyone from the Today Show to the Wall Street Journal was talking about it. As stylists we know, when you look good, you feel good, and a great haircut can give you confidence in any situation, be it a job interview, a reunion or winning the Oscar.
In post-Oscar press, Luke named Supercuts in New York's Greenwich Village as his salon. Congratulations, that's great advertising - now I hope he visits soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Trend Report - IN SALONS NOW

We just started sending out the new Spring Trend Report DVD to your salons. Make sure you keep an eye out for it and check out the latest looks on this fun, new technical video. You'll see the latest trends from the new shattered bob and pixie cut that we're seeing everywhere in Hollywood, to Ombre color technique, and a few men's trend looks.  Here's a sneak peek below.

Can't view?  Click here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red-Carpet Styles

Sunday was the biggest red-carpet event of the awards' season. Millions watching. Every one of the women at the Oscars went through a tremendous amount of effort to look the way she did—professional hairstylists, makeup artists, etc. So strangely, with all the effort, there was a definite lack of structure to the hair. Most of the longer styles looked 'in transition.' Don't get me wrong, I love long hair, but it's got to be styled. There were some misses and others really got it right. Of course, these are my opinions. You've heard the phrase, "everyone's a critic," it's true. I'm not a consultant to the stars, but I do know hair.

Anne Hathaway's long hair shows the limitations of all one-length hair. There's no pizzazz to it. Gweneth Paltrow's hair on the other hand makes a statement. The beautiful blonde color shines, the style is sleek and her hair is healthy. Overall, a great look.  Mila Kunis updo was very natural in its finish. Again, a good look.

Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams short cuts were cool. A little volume at the crown—created by a powder boost or backcombing—made the style very modern. Both women have great hair color. Scarlett Johansson's cut is cute, but the finish was wrong for this event. There's a difference between a red-carpet style and just getting out of the shower.

Halle Berry's hair is always terrific, very trendy. Her style has a bit of vice to it, a bit of cheekiness and it works. Helen Mirren's look was fantastic, also. The color was good and the style suited her perfectly.

The guys looked cool. Like the Golden Globe hairstyles, they had more structure. There was definitely an array of deliberate, styled looks on the part of the men.

What did you think of the hairstyles at the Oscar's this year? Check out the winners of the Globe hairstyle poll. I'm surprised more of you didn't vote. Leave a comment - here's your chance to be a critic!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Pro-Cuts Concept

I visited the new Pro-Cuts in Maple Grove, MN yesterday. It's a great-looking salon and the stylists are excited about the new concept.  The new design is geared to sports fans who have active lifestyles. Guys can get a great haircut with a hot-towel treatment while they catch up on the latest scores and their favorite teams.  It's really a no-fuss, relaxing place to get your hair cut. I should know! I got my hair cut while I was there.

If you're in the Twin Cities area, check out the Grand Opening Tailgate Party, Saturday Feb. 26. If you can't make it, take a look at the Pro-Cuts new website.

Friday, February 18, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...?!

If you think about it, it really is amazing how many Hollywood actors, especially women, really have very little style in their hair.  That is something I mentioned earlier, and something we all saw at the last award show.  The good news is that in movies they typically do have style as they are playing a role.

So, with the Academy Awards coming soon, I thought it would be fun to do our own poll.  We're going to change the rules a bit - this poll will not have anything to do with the performance, but everything to do with their hair.  So check it out and decide who your winner is in the male and female categories.  Take the poll at the top of my blog and let's see how our poll relates to the actual results next Sunday. 

Best Actor:

Best Actress:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

On My Way

I am about to depart for Hong Kong and can't wait to get there. The weather isn't going to be great, but Hong Kong is one of the coolest locations in the world. Check out this picture of the skyline - amazing.

If you ever get a chance to visit, be sure to take a tour on the Star Ferry! This experience has been named by the National Geographic of Traveler as one of the "fifty places of a lifetime" and has been around since the 1920's.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goal Setting

When setting goals, you need to know where you're at now, then decide where you want to be. Challenge yourself to improve—when you do, your clients will look and feel great and you'll make more money.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exceed Expectations, Every Time

Simple things go along way when it comes to your clients. With every client, clean your station prior to bringing them back.  After every shampoo, clean the bowl.  Your clients will appreciate walking up to a clean bowl versus a dirty one!  After their service, clean the hand mirror before letting your client check out their new haircut/color.  Your haircut and/or color is worth seeing in a spotless mirror.  And finally, thank your customer!  

Those are just 4 small things that will greatly improve your customers experience in your salon.  I am willing to bet that most of us don’t do all of these things, all of the time.  All I ask that is that we make a conscious effort to do these things, with every customer, every time. You and your clients will notice the difference. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Masters of Beauty

I always say that your education is your best investment. It's true, the more you expand your skills and knowledge, the more successful you'll be as a stylist. The Masters of Beauty tour with Nick Arrojo is a great opportunity to learn and get inspired. Nick and I have worked together on photo shoots and the Regis DVDs. He's an excellent hairdresser and a great guy.

The 2-day tour Masters of Beauty is stopping in cities around the U.S. and the 1-day skills certification classes are available in even more cities.  If you're near tour stop or a class, plan to check it out, it should be a lot of fun.

Empire Schools and Masters of Beauty are offering Regis corporate salon stylists a discount of up to 60% off the Masters of Beauty tour with Nick Arrojo and skill certification classes. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around!

Sam McKnight was featured in February's issue of Allure magazine and it is all about the new shag.  The article states that it isn't about the length - the shag looks good at any length, and I completely agree. My interpretation of the shag has nothing to do with length, it is all about the disconnection - disconnection in this cut is what's most important. 

An easy way to keep up to date on today's styles is by going through the magazines. Encourage clients to bring a photograph or a magazine tear of their expectations. You'll see that your definition of a shag/bob/layered cut could be very different from theirs. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Houston Trip

I am currently in Houston and just finished presenting to a group of stylists in the MasterCuts division.  What a great group of people!  I really enjoyed being able to sit down with them today and talk about what we are passionate about - education.  

Thank you guys for your participation - I had a great time.   And I will admit, it was nice to get out of Minneapolis for a couple of days. The temperature right now is around 8 degrees - and it is only going to get worse over the next few days.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Style

Watching the Golden Globes last night I realized one thing – within a haircut, you have to have design and finish. When looking at the hairstyles from last night, I realized that many women were lacking both of these.

Take a look at Angelina Jolie – she is absolutely beautiful. Her dress is intricate and has so much architecture to it, however there is a disconnect between her dress and her hair. You see people putting all of this effort into their clothing, makeup, accessories, and then visually a lack of effort with hair.

The same can be said with Sandra Bullock and Olivia Wilde – both of their dresses were beautifully detailed, but their hair wasn’t. (I will say I do like Sandra Bullock’s new fringe. The sides are a little too straight for her age, but if she softened up the sides and had more movement to her hair, it would be perfect.)

Anne Hathaway had the whole package last night. Just a little bit softness, bend, color and finish in the hair goes a long way and makes long hair flattering. Long hair isn’t just about the length –it is about the design and shape!

For the men, it seems like men’s hair was much more deliberate and styled than most of the women’s. Product was a must for most of these looks. What happened? Was there a reversal of the role of male and female in hair?

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What are your thoughts on the Golden Globe hair trends?

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