Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Style

Watching the Golden Globes last night I realized one thing – within a haircut, you have to have design and finish. When looking at the hairstyles from last night, I realized that many women were lacking both of these.

Take a look at Angelina Jolie – she is absolutely beautiful. Her dress is intricate and has so much architecture to it, however there is a disconnect between her dress and her hair. You see people putting all of this effort into their clothing, makeup, accessories, and then visually a lack of effort with hair.

The same can be said with Sandra Bullock and Olivia Wilde – both of their dresses were beautifully detailed, but their hair wasn’t. (I will say I do like Sandra Bullock’s new fringe. The sides are a little too straight for her age, but if she softened up the sides and had more movement to her hair, it would be perfect.)

Anne Hathaway had the whole package last night. Just a little bit softness, bend, color and finish in the hair goes a long way and makes long hair flattering. Long hair isn’t just about the length –it is about the design and shape!

For the men, it seems like men’s hair was much more deliberate and styled than most of the women’s. Product was a must for most of these looks. What happened? Was there a reversal of the role of male and female in hair?

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What are your thoughts on the Golden Globe hair trends?

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  1. How disappointing to see people spend so much time effort and money to look good for an event and yet miss the mark entirely when it comes to the most basic essentials of good grooming. To wear a delightful, exotic dress and to have hair not even worthy of the grocery store express line... such a shame.