Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 2011 Royal Wedding


For something as significant as a Royal Wedding, you would think the hair would look spectacular.  However, for this wedding, the hair seems to disappear - and instead, hats were a huge statement. The one thing I did notice is a lot of women with long hair and a lot of guys with short deliberate styles. The Beckham's are a good example; Victoria had very straight one length hair and David had a very deliberate haircut.


David and Victoria Beckham (Photo - Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)
It is almost inescapable at this point that men are much more into a designed look whether it is long or short, and many women have the appearance of unkempt longer hair. In fact, I believe there are millions of women who have not been to the salon in a long time and if you were to ask them what they were to do with their hair they would say - “I don’t know what to do with it. I’m kind of growing it out.”  They are not meant to know what to do with it, we are. What they need to do is schedule a consultation.

Going back to the wedding, I thought that it was spectacular. I believe it was the number one event so far in the 21st century. From the one thousand year old abbey to the horse drawn carriages, the pageantry was one of the kind, only the Brits could do it. It was a perfect day.

Click the link below for more great photos from the Royal Wedding.

NY Times Photos of the Royal Wedding

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