Monday, May 9, 2011

Joshua Galvin 1937-2011

Although attending the funeral of my personal friend, Joshua Galvin, was a
very sad event, it was also amazing. I realized just how special and loved
Joshua is. From the village he lived in to the industry he worked in, there
were people there to represent him from every aspect of his life. Anyone
who came into contact with him had the same appreciation for him as I.

It had been many years since I had seen the family, his children Maria and
Joshua, his brother Danny and his wonderful wife Rita. Danny is a fantastic
colorist with an incredibly successful business and this obviously comes as
a huge loss for him, as they were so close as brothers.

Joshua and I presented in London on the first Regis Presidents Awards trip
in 1974. In the following year we had our first Supervisors' trip and
Joshua came over to the states to do the presentation in Biloxi,
Mississippi. It was Joshua who delivered a message to Regis that got them
to look at who they were and who they could be.  After that message, Regis
changed as a company. Then in 1977 I came to the United States to work with
Regis and have been here ever since.

He has won so many awards and accolades that there are too many to mention.
He had an amazing life and is incredibly influential in the hairdressing
industry. His family has a lot to be proud of and so does Joshua.  It was a
privilege to be able to attend his funeral. The fact that there were so
many people there to share with his family in their loss was a real tribute
to him.

He was a friend of mine.

Joshua Galvin.
1937 - 2011


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