Thursday, March 17, 2011


I mentioned earlier that I was in NY and how successful that event was. Due to the success of these meetings, and the responses I received from stylists, I decided to start doing field seminars more often. This past Thursday I was in Chicago and met with approximately 80 stylists, managers and area supervisors from all of our divisions. We had a great turn out, and had a great time.

During this meeting, I focused on personal development and things we can think about in terms of being successful (personally and professionally). Did you know that in order to change a behavior, it takes 90 days of “practice” before it becomes second nature? If you decide to do something differently (whether in your personal life or professional life), in order for it to become natural to you, you have to do it for 90 days. Once you get over that 90 day hurdle, it is part of your DNA.

Lets all take the 90 day challenge – choose one thing that you would like to work on (wearing a seat belt every day, asking every existing client to refer friends, wiping the station and chair prior to every client) and see if it becomes second nature after the 90-day mark. Let me know if it worked for you!

Here is a quick video from the meeting.

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Thanks again everyone who attended!  I really appreciate you taking the time to come to the meeting - and hope it was well worth it.

 Thanks to the Mastercuts stylists and managers for sending in their photo from the meeting! 
Christine Roversi, Perla Aguirre, Mary Beever, Kim Trimble, Rebecca Neuwirth, Amanda Rogers, Lauren Burger, Crystal Morrison, Katie Theiss, Paula Locke

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