Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Recently, I did a makeover haircut on Jamie Mansperger, a Regis home office employee. Jamie's hair was in good condition, but she needed an updated style. I brought the length up a bit, cut layers to bring her style to life, then added bangs to frame her face. The length change wasn't dramatic, but the overall results were.

When I asked Jamie why she wore her hair long and all one length, she replied, "Because I don't know what to do with it." I think this feeling is true for a lot of our clients. But you know what, clients aren't supposed to know what to do with their hair, we are.

As professionals, we know what a great cut and color can do for a client. Share your knowledge and make someone's day by giving them a style that really brings out their best. Another thing Jamie said was that she thought she couldn't afford to color her hair, now she says she can't afford not to. Educate your clients on the value of a complete look.

Here's a trick I learned from Horst: Carry your business card with you and when you see someone who needs a new style, hand them your business card and say, "I have a great idea for your hair. Come into the salon for a free consultation and I'll tell you about it." Try it, it works! No one can resist that temptation.

Good luck!

Jamie before
Jamie after

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  1. What a great difference and she seems alot more confident! Love it! Plus love the idea of giving someone your card and asking them to come in for a free consultation.That is our job....Great OIdea ! Liza Hernandez