Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Masters of Beauty Show with Nick Arrojo

I met Nick Arrojo twenty years ago in London at the Wella studio and we
have both, at different times, gone through the Vidal Sassoon training. We
came out of a very similar world.

The reality tv show ‘What Not to Wear’ allowed Nick a unique opportunity to
work with real people, not professional models. The show presented Nick a
great way for him to market himself to the actual customer base as well as
to the hairdressing industry. What he was doing on television is what real
stylists do everyday - this makes it easy for both customers and stylists
to connect with his work and promotes and demonstrates strong communication
skills between the stylist and their client. It is an insightful strategy.
With the help of this show, Nick has become a household name and a
celebrity stylist - but not a stylist of celebrities. That is the

I joined Nick last weekend for the Masters of Beauty Event in Minneapolis.
We have worked together a number of times but it was great to be the guest
at this event and to be part of his environment.  Many students and
stylists from the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul area attended and it was
really fun to work with such a broad range of people.

It was great working with Nick but it was equally as important to get the
opportunity to be around his team. Anything that brings education to our
industry is a plus and whenever you have an opportunity to invest your time
and your money in self improvement, its worth it. Developing your skill set
benefits your career.

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